luxury and trending restaurant in Paris France

Paris Tour guide: attractions and nightlife

Are you in search of fine dining or Paris by night? If so, let your ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE concierge take you on a tour - escorting you from the typical Parisian bistro to the famous Michelin-star restaurant, to the latest trendy bars, exclusive clubs and finest gourmet restaurants in town…

Michelin-Star Restaurants – at last minute indeed

Paris holds its reputation and popularity to its talented French chefs who delight their customers’ palates at the table… As a valued customer, you don’t go on the waiting list – your luxury travel advisors will indulge you to the best restaurants in town, they will book them specially for you, just for you, bearing in mind that you are special, and also ensuring that you experience and taste the optimum delicacies and the most delicious dishes and greatest wines ever…

The Latest Restaurants in Town

As the capital constantly evolves so do Parisian’s restaurants, bars, cafés and bistros… Each new opening is a new discovery four your five senses. The owners of these restaurants are relentlessly giving birth to new ideas and creations so that you can enjoy new tastes, flavours at the most trendy yet original places… Our Paris concierges are informed in preview and exclusively so that you are in the A list to enjoy the menus of the best chefs. Paris is a cosmopolitan city and besides tasting the traditional and creative French cuisine, you can also discover the world food.

Popular evening shows and cabarets

From the great classical cabaret such as the Moulin-Rouge, Opera or ballet at Palais Garnier, to the latest popular and amazing shows - ULTIMATE Paris Guide travel planner will recommend and book the biggest cultural events and concerts in town, by securing the best seats and spots for you! We always ensure that your evening is outstanding and unforgettable.

Access to the most exclusive clubs and bars

Paris is known for its wonders by night, where the entire clubbers of the world get together to enjoy the music. Entry to some of those places, luxury VIP clubs, and bars can be very difficult as they are highly selective; however, your lifestyle concierge will give you exclusive accesses and have you on their guest list. Whether it is for an intimate or trendy night, your concierge will suggest and offer you the best places to go in Paris - we work on your requirements and desires only.

Extremely personalized VIP services

We privatise a terrace with a great panoramic view of the capital for you, organise a private room or space for a party between friends, colleagues or for the celebration of a special occasion. Your private concierge will be delighted to take charge of everything in the most detailed manner so that you have your way as the king or Queen of the city.