Ultimate key to open the door of a new wonderful door and discover the secrets of Paris, France

ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE has 5 different keys available for an unforgettable trip that is entirely tailored to your requirements.

ULTIMATE KEYS are subscriptions that allow you to take advantage of ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE services according to your needs and the length of your stay. Upon purchase, each ULTIMATE KEY gives you unlimited access to our services 7 days a week, for any requests for advice, assistance or reservations, until your subscription expires.


1 to 3 day stay
Price: 175€
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4 to 6 day stay
Price: 275€ 
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ultimatekey14  1 to 2 week stay
Price: 395€
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 ultimatekey30   1 month stay
Price: 550€
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   ultimatekey90   2 to 3 month stay
Price: 950€
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Subscriptions are valid for up to 12 people and give you unlimited access and assistance prior to your trip and during the duration of your stay.
For larger groups, please contact us for negociated rates.
Optional service: in-person meeting with your ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE concierge!

As soon as you purchase an ULTIMATE KEY, you can call us or contact us by email so that we can assist you with the organisation of your upcoming stay in Paris and in France:
- recommendations and reservations for hotels, restaurants, shopping boutiques, entertainment
- planning for tours, cultural excursions, activities, VIP welcome and welcome gift

NB: The price of the ULTIMATE KEY subscription only includes access to the assistance and consulting services provided by ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE. The cost of services that you have approved at your destination (guided tours, admission tickets, restaurants, etc) will be invoiced separately, in addition to the subscription price.