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-          Contact
ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE * 196, rue Saint Honoré - 75001 PARIS - FRANCE * Tel: +33 179 350 116 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-          About Us
Located in the heart of Paris, adjacent to the Louvre, UUU is the forerunner and leading French private luxury concierge service. To better serve the needs of visitors to Paris, we created Ultimate Paris Guide. Additional information can be found on our website at

-          How does it work?
With our unequalled network of carefully selected partners, we can offer you exclusive and customized services. Whatever service you want to book, we can organize it for you and by doing so, make your life and trip more relaxed and easy. We’ll manage every detail – no third parties to deal with, we do it all for you.

-          What does our price include?
The membership fee gives you unlimited access to our services for the duration of your subscription. You can call us or write us before your arrival or during your stay in Paris and elsewhere in France, whatever your questions are. We will recommend and reserve everything from restaurants to babysitters, organize private tours and transfers, plan your itinerary and organize your evenings according to your tastes… anything you can imagine… we will bring true!

-           Is this an exclusive service for the rich and famous?
Our service is adapted to the needs of each individual customer. We can organize a walking tour, recommend a thematic visit, just as easily as reserve a private yacht, a limousine or organize a private dinner at Versailles. Whether you are a budget-minded traveler or one who loves luxury, our only goal is to fulfill your desires and make your trip to Paris unforgettable.

-           How to contact us?
Once your registration is complete, we will give you a phone number and an email to contact your concierge and submit your requests. Our team will be available to you during the duration of your trip. 

Benefits of Our Service

-           What are the advantages?
The goal of ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE is to ensure that every member is special and is able to benefit from tailor-made solutions to every request. You can ask for the best, at a good price and enjoy exceptional privileges. We guarantee that you will save time and money.

-           Will I have special privileges and discounts?
With ULTIMATE PARIS GUIDE, you will enjoy the best reception and the most preferential rates for every reservation. 

Registration and payment

-           How do I register?
Go to the membership page register now. You will be able to complete the registration form with your information, your tastes and special requests. You will then be sent to a secure payment page, where you can pay by Visa, American Express or Mastercard.

-           Why do you need my credit card number?
It is recommended to provide us with your credit card number in order to guarantee payment when we make reservations for you. We can either give your credit card number to our partner who will charge your card, or we can pay the partners from our account and then charge your card according to your preferences. Of course, before we charge anything we will send you the prices and quotations and wait for your authorization.

-           How many people can benefit from a membership?
A single membership is valid for up to 12 people. Whether you are alone, 4, or 12 people, you will pay the same price as one person pays.


-           How are they chosen?
We meet with all the partners with whom we work, we evaluate their services and ask our clients about their experiences. It’s very important for us to provide a perfect service and that’s why we take pride in the quality of our partners and why we seriously take into account the feedback from our clients.

-           Will I pay more by using your services?
No, since we have negotiated prices, you will not pay more than the public rates, but you will often get a cheaper price with us. In any event, by working with us you avoid all the inconvenience of identifying the best partner, because we do it for you, no matter how long it takes.

Bookings and Tours

-           What kind of tours can you book for us?
We can book private or group tours, tours with a private driver and/or licensed guide, boat tours, Segway or bicycle tours, helicopter tours, walking or jogging tours… we offer a wide range of tours to suit your tastes and requests. 

-           Why are licensed guides more expensive?
Licensed guides are more expensive because there is only a small number of them; it should be noted that they have a special national diploma. Licensed guides can also accompany you inside monuments and museums, which unlicensed guides cannot do. They are passionate about history, art and culture and they know how to share their knowledge with you.

-           Can you book train or airline tickets for us?
Yes we can book train or airline tickets for you.  We will use your credit card to make the payment with our partner travel agency.  We will need the names and birth dates of the persons travelling with you (as each ticket is personal).

-           Can you book accommodation for us?
Yes we can book hotels, private flats or boats for your stay and make sure you will have the best prices and the most pleasant welcome possible. 

Airport transfers

-           How can we get from the airports to Paris? How much does a private transfer cost?
We can book a private driver for you, who will wait for you at the arrival hall with your baggage, airport shuttles or taxi. A private transfer will cost you approximately 150€, depending which airport you arrive at. But the price will vary according to the number of people travelling with you, the type of car you request (from mini buses to luxury cars) and your arrival time (day or night).

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