Dessert festive and gourmand par excellence, the Christmas cake returns every year for the greatest pleasure of the greedy. Thanks to the overwhelming imagination of pastry chefs, bakers and designers who reinvent this classic, the Christmas cake is more original and more surprising than ever before for the pleasure of the eyes before the pleasure of the taste buds.

The origin of famous Christmas cakes dates back to the 17th century. The custom was that on Christmas Eve, a large log of fruitwood be cut and brought back to each home. The next day it was lit and then had to be consumed slowly before the head of the household collected the ashes and kept them in order to protect the house from the various plagues… In the 19th century, large chimneys disappeared in favor of cast-iron stoves. The imposing wooden log is then replaced by a smaller decorated one and placed on the table during Christmas Eve. If this tradition is that this Christmas dessert is made with rolled Genoese cookie and covered with butter cream and decorated with holly leaf, the cake is nowadays revisited every year and reinvented by pastry chefs who rival creativity to make a real work of art to appreciate the eyes before filling the taste buds subtle.

Discover your private concierge’ selection of irresistible cakes and do not hesitate to melt gourmandise :

La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac
Dressed in a flamboyant red coat, the cake imagined by Chefs Cyril Lignac and Benoît Couvrand, for the pastry shop Cyril Lignac, takes on the air of Santa Claus.Cyril Lignac Xmas cake

It is a story of Tanzanian mousse and Peruvian cream, praliné in two textures, crunchy almond praliné, hazelnut praline light cream and a chocolate biscuit. A limited edition tale.

Hugo Victor Santa Cake

In homage to the novelist, Alexander Pushkin, the “The Pushkin Library” cake recalls these shared family moments to be read by the fireside for the festive periods. Superb gourmet work – antique library and books with leather patina, it may be difficult to crunch in until you get to know its tasty composition.

Pouchkine Christmas cake

As a desire to touch the stars with the first Christmas cake of the new pastry chef of the Peninsula hotel Paris, the “Cloud” dessert, wink to the first French biplane to have attempted the crossing of the ‘Atlantique in 1930s and emblem of the exceptional restaurant on the roofs of the Palace L’Oiseau Blanc.

Peninsula Xmas cake

All the magic is contained in the superb Place Vendôme, here nicely reproduced in all-chocolate. François Perret, Pastry Chef of the Ritz Paris has chosen to revisit the famous Parisian square to honor the end of year celebrations.


For ski lovers, the Christmas cake of the Bristol’ Palace pastry chef, Laurent Jeannin, will recall the carpets of aerial powder.

Bristol Xmas cake


Few days before christmas, have you selected your Christmas Eve menu and dessert ? Feel free to ask your private assistant to share with you his ideas