Why not take the opportunity of a stay in Paris to go to visit a world Heritage of UNESCO, the beautiful city of Lyon, backs onto the hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse, at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone. Located about 2 hours from Paris by train, Lyon is the gastronomic capital of France. Within its narrow streets, its alleyways, along its lively quays, on the big squares of the peninsula… and the night with its more then 200 illuminated sites, the city offers an unusual journey through time and cultures, with its center a World Heritage by UNESCO.

lyon city illumination

Once arrived in town let you conduce buy your private guide to discover the marvels of the city. From the church of Saint Paul to Saint Georges, “Vieux-Lyon” extends over 24 hectares along the banks of the Saône. The tour begins with a walk through the narrow cobbled alleyways and famous “traboules”! These passageways, which lead from one street to the next, reveal superbly renovated architectural treasures: internal courtyards, Italian-style galleries, wells, spiral staircases… Along your walk you’ll encounter essential monuments of the city. Explore the remains of the churches of Sainte Croix and Saint Etienne backing onto Saint Jean, which is truly symbolic of the power of the church in Lyon at that time. Having a private city tour of Lyon with a guide who tells you the secrets and anecdotes which have made the reputation of this historical district, the 1st preserved sector in France to have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List will for sure make this day trip from Paris memorable. This walk wills of course ends at a typical Lyon’s restaurant called “Bouchon Lyonnais” with its very particular atmospheres.

lyon city view

Also, in Lyon region you cannot miss to discover the beautiful Beaujolais vineyards. In the south, the region of “Pierre Dorées” or golden stones, dotted with charming village and chapels whose yellow ocher stone plays with the reflections of the sun, giving this region the nickname “Little Tuscany”. Stop at the medieval village of Oingt, classified among the most beautiful villages in France. You then follow the Wine Route, the melodious landscapes punctuated by the rigorous geometry of the vineyards. Tasting in a typical cellar at the foot of Mont Brouilly for a culinary discovery of Beaujolais wines.
Since more than 150 years, around December 8th the city of Lyon welcomes “La fête des Lumières” (Festival of Lights). History tells us that in 1643, Lyon made a vow to build a statue of the Virgin Mary if she spared the city from the scourge of the plague. A vow was made… and the promise kept. Centuries later, the city commemorates it with 4 days of illuminated parties at night, with a strong root in the religious and secular traditions of the former capital of the Gauls. Poetic, magical, dreamlike … this is how we could describe the city around this period. Lyon turns into an open-air theatre. If candles in the windows weren’t enough of a spectacle, there are also light shows from artists from around the world. The walls of the monuments become bright paintings and works of evanescent art. Like a painter in front of his canvas, the multimedia artists show off the architecture of Lyon monuments with laser technology.

lyon city statue Lyon city horse statue
Do not miss to discover this beautiful city with a day trip from Paris or feel free to ask to your Paris concierge service to assist you selecting the best hotel where to stay and restaurants suggestions to make the most of your stay !