Come to live a terrible & fun experience in Paris ! There are so much things to do in Paris for Halloween. Take a trip through Disneyland, visit Grévin Museum, explore the Parisian catacombs or visit the manor of Paris… all of which makes the French capital a destination to keep in mind for a cultural and family Halloween trip.

First let’s go with an abominable & fun day at Disneyland Paris. This attraction parc is transformed into a place of terror for young and old alike. Come experience the Halloween Festival, from the October 1st to the November 5th, where the shows and animations holds you mysteriously. The Disney characters will reserve you bewitching surprises. Night falls, the shadows stretch on the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris. But beware … you may meet Disney villains characters who will take a cunning pleasure in playing you some tricks! You will also have the chance to experience the incredible appallingly & funny Disney Halloween evening on the October 31st. And as all year long your Ultimate Paris Guide concierge could arrange for you a guide to make this day even more unforgettable skipping all the lines ! Just ask!


Le Musée Grévin, a unique and unmissable venue in Paris, invites you to strike a pose next to over 200 figures past and present who have left their mark on history! Enjoy this fantastic experience with family or friends and get up close to major personalities in French History, sports legends, political figures and film stars! This solution offers the opportunity to experience an unsettling visit by night, armed only with a torch. Real decor or special effects? It’s up to you to find out!

A timeless journey to not miss: visit of the Catacombs of Paris! What a better day than Ocotber 31st to visit them. Situated twenty metres below ground, the ossuary contains the remains of millions of Parisians, transferred there gradually between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries as graveyards were being closed because of the risk they posed to public health. vignette_musees_catacombes_christophe_fouinReal labyrinth of dark galleries and narrow corridors, you will have the opportunity to discover a direction of the death with bones arranged in different way. The alexandrine verse “Arrête, c’est ici l’empire de la mort” (Halt, this is the realm of Death) above the entrance to the ossuary is just one of an extensive series of maxims, poems and other sacred and profane passages giving pause for thought during the tour. This unusual site movingly brings the history of the Parisian people back to life and takes visitors on a timeless journey.

A real terrifying experience: Le Manoir de Paris… Take part in the most frightening Parisian destination for Halloween! Halloween is a family celebration! Be guests from a home with morbid customs: weave Blood Links. Complete the celebration with a ritual beyond the ordinary: nuns, priests and exorcisms … Halloween-Hero-1-Hyou cannot imagine what is dormant in you. Will you try this experience… At the risk of being trapped there forever! Will you dare ?You want more ? Feel free to contact your Paris concierge service !