Even if Paris is the best place for art lovers, South of France has nothing to envy it. Ultimate Paris Guide Team knows that its readers spend some time in the south of France during summer that is why we made a selection of the art events that take place.


The first event we wanted to share is an immersive art exhibition at the “Carrières de Lumières” which is divided into several rooms to allow the visitor to enjoy a real experience. In fact, you will be able to enjoy an artistic show in the Dante Room which is the Lumieresmain area where the show is projected. Right of the entrance, a huge gallery goes 60 meters under the mountain and leads into a gigantic hall, divided by huge columns left by the quarry-workers to hold up the “roof”. These natural pillars are between 5 and 10 meters wide at the base, and 7 to 9 meters tall. They are used, as are the walls and the ceiling, as natural projection screens.

To stay in this area, we suggest you to make a stop at Arles where the “Les Rencontres de la Photographie” takes places. This event welcomes every year of thousands Les_rencontres_d'Arlesof foreign tourists passionate about photography. All this summer will be rhythm by more than 40 exhibitions of photographers coming from all over the world. Through their work, those artists reveal, describe and point the finger at their society problems. You will be able to discover all the artworks all around the city.

As art lovers, it was impossible for us to do not recommend you to visit Foundation Marguerite & Aimé Maeght. The complex includes exhibition halls, a chapel, a library containing 30,000 books on modern Maeghtand contemporary art, a bookshop and a café. Marguerite and Aimé Maeght created this place to present modern and contemporary art in all its form. After visiting the Foundation, we suggest you to have lunch at the famous restaurant La Colombe d’Or. You will fall in love with its beautiful terrace surrounded by master paintings and its cuisine by the chef Paul Roux.

Our loving-architecture readers will not be disappointed by our last discovery : the Palais Bulles. This masterpiece of contemporary architecture has been created by Antti Lovag between 1979 ad 1984. It is a villa of 1200 square meters located in Theoules-sur-Mer. This villa hosted several fashion events as Dior fashion show in 2015.

Sans titrePalais_Bulles2

If this article made you fallen in love with the South of France and its culture, feel free to contact our team of luxury travel agents for any information!