A stroll in Montmartre, there is nothing more classic. But the classic rides are both those who deserve most to be made and those that we do even think to do!
Montmartre is perhaps one of the most famous and most characteristic of Paris. Montmartre district begins at the famous Place Pigalle with its sulphurous reputation.
Home too many artists since the nineteenth century, admirable point of view, and historical sites, Montmartre is a beautiful and inescapable neighborhood where it is always nice to go for a romantic ride or walk with family.

Sacre coeur basilique in montmartre

First stop to the Sacré Coeur. You decide how you feel about it: either bravely climb the hill, or take the famous Montmartre funicular that takes you up there effortlessly. If you take the funicular, you will still climb some steps to reach the top of the hill and the basilica. The view is one of the best you can have of Paris, with views of the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower or the Institut du Monde Arabe. The small streets that go around the Basilica are worth a look. Finally, of course, visit the basilica. Warning ! Do not take any photos, even without flash.
After the obligatory visit of the Sacré Coeur, you will enjoy a historical stroll through Montmartre.

Discover the renowned Place du Tertre and its famous cartoonists. During the day, couples can have a portrait done by the painters.


It is very emblematic of the Montmartre area. Famous worldwide for its artist’s painters, portraitists and terraces, the main square of the ancient village of Montmartre is the place is the place to stroll. You will also discover art galleries such as the Galerie Montmartre where you will find masterpieces of Picasso and Dalí. Today many painters and croqueurs of “portraits-minutes’ welcome throughout the year thousands of visitors. Then, make a stop to the Dali museum & the Cabaret du Lapin Agile, still very popular. The Espace Dalí, who with its adjoining shop invite you to discover the amazing art of the painter and surrealist sculptor. The collection of the Espace Dalí is the result of extravagant inspiration of this iconic artist of Surrealism: theatrical sculptures, erotic drawings, dreamlike or irresistibly funny, poetic objects and furniture. There is over 300 sculptures, engravings and lithographs, each more surprising than the others. Through a new tour route (redesigned in 2016) discover under a particular angle; the themes of immortality, subconscious, science and love.

The Cabaret le Lapin Agile. The late 19th century marks the birth of the great cabarets which made the reputation of Montmartre: le Chat Noir, Le Divan Japonais, le Moulin Rouge… Among these famous cabarets , there is the Lapin Agile, home of the Montmartroise Bohemia until 1914: Dorgelès, Carco, Courteline, Clemenceau, Picasso, Renoir, Utrillo, Van Gogh and many others participated in the enjoying evenings hosted by Père Frédé.
Today the Cabaret du Lapin Agile is the only one that still perpetuates the tradition. The sign of the tavern, always visible, is a symbol of Montmartre.

Continue and walk down to the most famous cabaret in the world, The Moulin Rouge.
Mythical cabaret inaugurated in 1889, the Moulin Rouge, is Famous around the world. Immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec, it is the cradle of the music-hall. Edith Piaf, Liza Minnelli or Frank Sinatra and Elton John… many french and international figures have performed on this legendary stage. Moulin Rouge presents today a cabaret show where the cancan occurs in all its glory – nothing more normal, since its right here that it was created. An emblematic place, flamboyant decors, 60 artists from around the world, sumptuous costumes , original theatrical creations … that’s all that and more the Moulin Rouge!

Make it stop by the square Rictus, where you will find the renowned “Mur des je t’aime”(I Love You Wall). Some “I love you ” s engraved or written in all the languages of the world!
In 1992, Frédéric Baron dreamed of a world tour dedicated to lovers. He first asked his brother and then to foreign neighbors to write these words of love in their language. And so on he collected 1000 “I love you” written in over 300 languages and dialects worldwide He imagine then to reproduce them on a wall. “The Wall of I love you”.
You can see “The Wall of I love you” in the Square Jehan Rictus behind the Place des Abbesses.


A few steps away from the Moulin Rouge, in South Pigalle, also called “SoPi”, there is the charming Musée de la Vie romantique (Museum of the Romantics), a calm and unspoiled place where time seems to have stopped … Ideal for a gourmet break.

You can choose to stroll around the neighborhood on your own, or discover it during a private and personalized tour. If you are looking for a guide, do not hesitate to contact your luxury travel advisor in Paris.