We are delighted to share with you the details of our exclusiveprivate guided tour of Paris, created for luxury Cognac House Courvoisier. This is a tour unlike any other, where we will transport you to the heart of the Belle Époque also known as the Paris Golden Age.

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You will discover what it was like to be a Parisian at the end of the XIX century and why it was such a key time period for the capital, the world, and for Courvoisier.

More about the Paris Golden Age era….

During la Belle Époque – 1880 and ended in 1914 – the world came to Paris and Paris became the world. At the time, innovation was everywhere, in the arts, the architecture, fashion, transport, the nightlife – it was in all aspects of life! Paris was a truly modern city and the most cosmopolitan European capital.

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The arts flourished, new scientific breakthroughs transformed lives almost daily and technological innovations left the population open-mouthed in awe. Haute couture was invented on Rue de la Paix, cinema was pioneered by the frères Lumièreand the finest cuisine was enjoyed in the restaurants of the city. The City of Light, La Ville Lumière, truly lived up to its name during the Golden Age. Not only was it the first capital city to be lit by gaslight – no doubt to quell the ever-present risk of riot and revolution that lurked in its labyrinthine narrow streets. It was the centre of creativity and enlightenment. Many iconic buildings were constructed at the time, which,to this day,remain the verysymbols of Paris – the Eiffel Tower, the metro, the Moulin Rouge, the Opéra and the Basilica of Sacré Coeur. Paris became one of the most modern cities of its time – a beacon of light in urban planning – and the stage was set for the ever-increasing population to pursue different preoccupations.

The Belle Époque was an era marked with celebration, there was a sense that anything was possible – confidence, exuberance and ‘joie de vivre’ inspired all areas of life.

TheParis Exposition Universelleof 1889 was undoubtedly the single most important event as it commemorated the storming of the Bastille 100 years earlier and in so doing launched an era of optimism. Paris dazzled the world, celebrating its scientific, technical and industrial prowess, but also showcasing its art and architecture, its wines and spirits, its history and heroes and the cultures of its colonies.
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The Grand Opening of La Tour Eiffel was the greatest celebration of the era and saw a party like no other.Paris became an attraction. Its opening was celebrated with a toast to Paris, Courvoisier was the official drink to this triumphant occasion which went on to win a gold medal at the same exhibition.

While the Eiffel Tower dominated the world’s attention, 1889 was important for another reason too. Louis Renard, the future Courvoisier Master Blender, was born on 15th October this same year. Like Eiffel, he was destined to be one of the most innovative people in this industry…

Our experience….

We are offering you the opportunity to step into this opulent and extravagant lifestyle via a unique luxury experience.
The Courvoisier Paris Golden Age Tour will transport you around this iconic city and revealthe untold stories, the parties, the innovators, the style, and the glamour of the Belle Époque.You will also have the opportunity to discover more about Courvoisier’s story and enjoy a delicious cocktail as part of the tour.
If you would like to know more about theCourvoisier Paris Golden Age tourand take part in this exclusiveParis luxury experience, do not hesitate to contact your Paris concierge service: Ultimate Paris Guide!

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